Intensive Healing Programme

This is a six week package, which includes one Frequency Healing session with follow up, one Mindset session via Skype or video platform, three coaching calls (or energy rebalances), plus supportive email/messenger access for those who wish to upgrade all areas of their life.

Frequency Healing is a multidimensional, comprehensive and advanced system. It works with the resources of frequency, light and matter to initiate and support a shift from one state of being into another. This is pure alchemy.

Mindset work is a specific muscle testing technique, which works powerfully by releasing subconscious fears, emotions and limiting beliefs.

Six Month Healing Package

Seventh Dimensional Healing:

The power and sacredness of Frequency Healing enables us to clear distortions held in our magnetic field, or aura. These distortions may have been created in this life or through past incarnations.

If you commit to regular healing you can consistently clear weaknesses from your etheric and genetic blueprint in your body, helping to prevent imbalances and their symptoms. It will assist you to release fear and confusion, breaking down dramas as you heal. This will help you cope with any health issues in a holistic way.

Once the energy starts to run you will be suspended in a sacred space throughout the healing. where you will automatically start to shift your energy and begin to open up. This is so that you can become more receptive to the energy being channelled through and allow a deeper healing to take place within your body & consciousness. Each session will last approx 60-120 minutes, during which a diverse range of multi dimensional frequencies will be channelled into different dimensions of your anatomy and body to support an energetic shift in body and consciousness.